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In the summer of 2009 i reached my ‘adult’ lowest weight, 54 kg, and felt amazing about it. I’ve always thought i was so beautiful at that weight, that it suited me so well. Until today. I went through my old pictures and found this one. and flashnews: i didn’t. i like myself way better now. i showed it to my boyfriend and he told me i looked ‘bigger’ in the first one. i don’t know my weight now. last time i stepped on a scale it was a year ago and i had a panic attack afterwards (at my nutritionist’s, one of the most embarassing/awkward moments ever) because i was ‘so close to sixty kilos’ (i started my weightloss journey at 63). honestly, i think now i weigh more than 60. and i don’t care. it was a long process, and i’m so glad i was always able to keep it healthy. i’m so glad i’ve always been kinda rational about it (and dating an engineering student helps with that), i’m glad i can now say that i don’t give a flying fuck about a fucking number (yes, swearing is necessary here sorry) and you should too. because i might have reached my highest weight again, but i don’t look at all like that. (and when in the fall i’ll go to my nutritionist and he measures my body fat percentage i’ll have the scientific proof that weight is pointless shit)

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